Slow Drawn out COD 2020 Reveal

The mysterious crate package that arrived from Activision last week has now officially been opened, and inside was a 1950s Slide Projector. The model is the TDC Headliner 303.

We’ve never used such a slide projector before, and during our time analyzing it, we continued to see blurry images from the projector itself.

The box came with this letter in an envelope titled CONFIDENTIAL.

As we continue to learn how to use it, we were able to prop up the slides against a white light to closer examine exactly what each of the 10 slides show. Although, it’s not clear what the teasers are or how they relate to Call of Duty 2020.

Here is all 10 slides, for you to look at closely if you want too:

Other YouTubers and creators got other slides to see, including ones from @eColiEspresso who got a map labeled (4), as well as another who got a map labeled (2).

As we opened our new crates that Activision sent through, Black Ops 4’s Summit map got an update.

The screens in the center of the map in Black Ops 4 turned on which seem to match to what some of our slides show:

There’s also a look at clocks of 4 out of the 5 locations that some of us got as part of the slides to see:

These changes do appear to be new, especially the screens with the targets on them. Analyzing older images of the maps showcase that the screens were not showing the same thing.

In addition, Treyarch has updated their cover photo on social channels.

It’s getting cold out there…

A new teaser site for the 2020 Call of Duty game has been discovered.

The new website is This phrase was identified by combining both the teasers in the boxes that were sent out, alongside the teaser posted to Treyarch’s Instagram story on August 10.

The teaser site has a flashing red light that says 08-14 then 12:00.

This site is confirmed to be an Activision website as it as Rating Pending at the bottom with Terms of Use linking back to Activision’s legal language.

Here was the Instagram story that Treyarch posted:

The teasers get more and more interesting.

UPDATE: Activision has told NoahJ456 that the box opening and finding the teaser site was the first step in the teaser process for Call of Duty 2020. On August 14, the it’ll be the second part of the teaser campaign – not the reveal.

The Call of Duty 2020 teaser site, PawnTakesPawn, was updated on August 12 with a new note that fans can read.

The main site was updated with a note on the TV that says /tangledweb, and the site redirects to

This site now has the following letter readable:

There’s still the second part of the teaser to come starting Today at 12PM ET.

So, still no reveal, but they are now doing stuff each day.

August 14th the site added a VCR tapre that you can click on and it plays a video and the display changes to the below image. Also, the following numbers show up as you watch the tape - 06, 25, 19, and 16 .


It opens a bunker in the farmhouse at H6. Inside can be anything from ammo to Uav’s and Epic weapons. There is also a slew of items that appear to be related to the COD 2020 reveal.

Here’s closer images of what’s new in this bunker, which are all related to Call of Duty 2020:

And, here’s some high res images of what’s inside from CODTracker:

August 15th brought a new tape to the site and a new code. with a new tape and new numbers. The numbers are 08, 37, 15, 25, 60, 48, and 63 and the image below is the code for the new bunker located at B5 just west of boneyard.

Again there a few things to loot, there a a few crates in here, a bunch of other papers, a bust and a locked elevator.

Here’s a closer look at some of the documents in the Bunker at the walls:

Day three is supposed to be the 16th, so at noon something should change or be added to

Who fucking knows? I just hope the reveal is soon.

On August 16, a tape has started playing showing the history from 1972-73. Alongside the new tape, the 1968-69 was updated to v2 and 61-62 to v3. The 1972-73 tape has a blue dot next to it on the site.

During the tape, the numbers 07, 25, 09, 54, 07, 50, and 02 appeared on the screen.

For Version 2 of 1968 and 1969, the numbers 24, 25, 18, 12, 19, and 13 appeared on the screen.

In addition, a new Warzone code was shown. The code says location H8 and has the passcode to unlock the Bunker as 72948531.

This location is near the Prison.

There is a table with what appears to be an RC-XD car being built.

Alongside that, there’s some new documents on the table including more pieces to the cypher that has to be solved.

Are we finally getting COD Grenada? That would be epic!

COD 2020 Aug 17 teaser: new tape, Warzone Bunker, and more

The Call of Duty 2020 teaser campaign continue.

The newest tape is now live on the PawnTakesPawn website.

On August 17, a tape has started playing showing the history from 1977-78. Alongside the new tape, the 1972-73 was updated to v2, 1968-69 was updated to v3 and 61-62 to v4. The tape has a pink dot next to it on the site.

During the tape, the numbers 03, 02, 07, 08, 05, 01, 01, and 07 was shown on the screen.

Alongside this, a new Warzone code was shown during the tape. The code was for a Bunker at location B7 and the code is 97264138.

Inside the bunker, there’s an elevator at the back, alongside a desk with more documents and books on it. There is also another table with an RC-XD being built, similar to the Shack next to the Prison.

The Call of Duty 2020 teaser campaign continue.

The newest tape is now live on the PawnTakesPawn website.

On Tuesday, August 18, the newest tape was added to the list showing the history of 1979. Alongside the new tape, the 1977-78 tape was updated to v2, 1972-73 updated to v3, 1968-69 was updated to v4 and 61-62 to v5. The tape has a dot next to it on the site.

During the tape, the numbers 02, 00, 03, 03, 06, 09, 07, 00, 09, 04, and 01 appeared on the screen.

Alongside the new tape, a new Warzone code was shown on the VCR while the tape was playing. The code shown was for a Bunker in Warzone at location F4 on the map. This is the shack near TV Station. The code to unlock the Bunker is 27495810.

Here’s a look at what was found inside the new Warzone Shack:

Stay tuned.