Star Wars Rogue One premise.

More details about spin-off film Star Wars: Rogue One were revealed today during a panel at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration.

Star Wars: Rogue One is set after Episode 3 and before Episode 4 in an era without Jedi. Check out the concept art below, from the official Star Wars liveblog.

Star Wars: Rogue One follows a rogue band of resistance fighters who must unite to steal the Death Star plans.

According to director Gareth Edwards, Rogue One aims for realism more than previous Star Wars films, with several crew members having worked on war movies like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Zero Dark Thirty.

“It comes down to a group who don’t have magical powers, who somehow have to bring hope to the galaxy,” said Edwards.

The footage we saw opens with December 2016 against a black background. We hear Obi-Wan’s monologue about Jedi Knights being the “guardians of peace” from A New Hope, and then see a bird’s eye view of a jungle planet.

A TIE fighter zooms overhead and the camera pushes forward to reveal the Death Star looming large in the daytime sky, right up close to the planet. Frantic mens’ voices crack over a radio as the title card reveals Star Wars: Rogue One with the word “Anthology” in small letters beneath.

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Here’s what we know about cast and crew: Felicity Jones will play a Rebel soldier. Neil Scanlan will head the creature team, as he did on the film Prometheus. Neil Lamont and Doug Chiang are the production designers.

The film has Zero Dark Thirty’s director of photography Greig Fraser on cinematography, with Neil Corbould on special effects. Filming for Rogue One will take place in the UK and all around the world.

Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels are set during the same time period

“There are opportunities there,” teased panelists. The trailer for season 2 of Star Wars Rebels debuted yesterday.

Josh Trank is directing another Star Wars spin-off film, which we still have not heard any details on yet. While Trank was absent from today’s panel and couldn’t elaborate on his own plans, we do know that Rogue One and other Star Wars spin-offs will be known as Anthology Films.

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i dunno, rogue squadren didnt have jedi or sith… and it had cool story moments.

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Rogue squad is badass, the only issue I have with this premise is that the timeline isn’t right. Disney is fucking things up again. Rogue squad formed after a new hope led by wedge as well as Luke. I’ll still be interested in this, just cause it’s Star Wars.

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