Student Debt causing students to flee the country.

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It’s fucking theft. Don’t borrow what you can’t pay back. There are alternatives like community college and what not that are a lot cheaper.

The philosophy major concedes that his student loan balance of around $20,000 isn’t as large as the burden shouldered by many other borrowers, but he said his difficultly finding a college-level job in the U.S. has made that debt oppressive nonetheless. “If you’re not making a living wage,” Haag said, “$20,000 in debt is devastating.”

I still don’t understand how an 18 year old can’t be trusted with a beer but is mature enough to take out a 20k loan.

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" He then went back to school to pursue a master’s degree in comparative literature at the University of Colorado Boulder."

Bachelors degree in philosophy then a masters in comparative literature.

The egghead wonders why he cant make a living…

stay in the fucking jungle you lazy turd

this country is better off without you


a family member of mine well over 200k in student loans for undergrad and grad degrees in non-profit studies and the like. She works for a non-profit and at some point she will be the executive director…which will pay 50k…her loan payments will be 30k, (10k in tax) her take home will be like 10k/year…working in fast food will net you more…has to be some way to help these ppl evaluate their “dreams” and make them at least run a couple numbers to see if it will net positive in the long run…maybe I’m too much of a numbers guy

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Well, it will have to be a 3rd party to do that, because universities are too invested in making sure you pay them as much as humanly possible for a degree anymore. We need to remove the stigma of trade schools and 2 year/community colleges. We also need to reevaluate what fields really need 4 year + and what can be taught in fewer years. If you’re a doctor (medical), lawyer, teacher - I can see 4 years for those types of fields. Mine? No fucking way I should have needed a 4 year or more for programming/IT unless I’m looking at teaching or doctorate studies. Hell, 2/3rds of what you learn in IT is obsolete when you get a 4 year degree anyway, and that’s if the university is bleeding edge in what they teach.

Oh, and do away with most gen eds, unless they have a direct basis in your field of study. No fucking reason I needed to take an intro to Psych or Sociology class (that I had already learned most of in high school) for a degree in Information Systems.

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I’m seeing a lot of that in my field too. Homebuilders want a superintendent with a BS and 5 years experience. And that’s considered entry level. The degree is a complete waste.

I fall back on Tommy Boy philosophy:

I can shit in a box and put a guarantee on it but it’s still a piece of shit.