Submit your montage for the Reapercast

The Reapercast is looking to change gears in the video department. We aren’t receiving the amount of videos need to make a video every week and when we do it is always the same people.

What we have witnessed is that a handful of you like creating your own montages. So we got the idea to feature a members montage during the show.

If you would like to submit a montage please do so below.


  • 720p or 1080p video quality
  • 3 minutes or less
  • Intros are fine
  • Please hide editor overlays like in COD theater. We don’t want to see the play and rewind buttons
  • Music is fine as long as it falls under Youtube’s music library including mainstream songs
  • It can be of just you or the community
  • It does not have to be a FPS or MP game

+1 for the Team America montage video

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So it will no longer be just clips. hmmm.
Here’s my submission for the Reapercast:

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