sweet bebah jeebus...

It’s been a while gents.

I apologize for my long absence. I’m sure you probably didn’t notice. :wink:

Had a lot of garbage happen that’s kept me off the games and off the forum in general for a while. Bad depression, family issues, work issues. I won’t go into it all, but it’s been rough…

In any case. I hope I can get in some games with you good people.

Not sure what everyone’s playing nowadays. I had to put Destiny 2 up. It’s just gotten boring and I’ve felt like…whats the damn point of the grind. Yay…a new gun that’s gonna suck with the next balance patch. Or hey…I did this ridiculous thing, now I’ve got a weapon or armor piece that’s shittier than everything I already have! WOOO!

So I dunno. I need something not so grindy and can play with a group. Preferably PVE. Suggestions?


Sup Gatsu, welcome back

Alot of folks are playing, COD WWII and PUBG. Also a few have started picking the Division back up with 1.8. Also ESO.

Welcome back man.

Welcome back Gatsu!

Welcome back. While it’s pvp, the new hotness is PUBG. 30 bucks and a ton playing.

We also have a few guys getting into eso.

Thanks gents.

I dunno about PUBG. I’ve watched a lot of people play it. Not sure it’s for me.

Here’s how to see if you like it. Download (for free) Fortnite battle royale. Dont build anything. If you like that you’ll like PUBG

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That’s a good idea. We’re looking at running a Fortnite Night every once in awhile, mostly for PS4 but I’d like to get an XBox room going.

Welcome back @Gatsu