TC - Ghost Recon Wildlands

So i havent bought Wildlands yet…just wanted to know from yall that have purchased it.
What are yall thoughts?

Any big changes from the alpha/beta?

Worth buying?

Flying is the only thing I have noticed that is different. It is much easier now.

It’s the same as the beta. It may look a little bit better.

Worth buying? That is a tuff one. If you liked the beta and want to play with others I would say yes get it now. If you don’t care about playing with others waiting for a sale would be even better.

I will say that I am not putting in marathon sessions. 1 to 3 hours and I am ready to play something else. I do not regret my purchase at all though. I get a discount so I payed $47.

Edited to add:

The game is so big and I am guessing will get repetitive. 90% chance I move on before I finish it.

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It’s worth the buy if you’re looking to get into it right now. I agree with @D1G1TALC1PHERS that the map is really big and it’ll def get repetitive at some point. The game plays close to the beta and the flying/driving are smoother. The one positive is that the constant radios in the background is a lot less compared to the beta. It was just obnoxious.

Who has a task force created for GRG? I’ve been unable to find it in the search on the GRW site.

I’m loving the game. Big time. I’ve been playing with a friend who has had it for longer and mainly weapon and attachment hunting. Once you narrow down your searches on what you’re looking for, the map and provinces don’t seem as large. My only beef is trying to find a squadmate on the map to fast travel to. Finding a tiny blue spec is a pain.


Found it through the forum search. For some reason it isn’t coming up on the GRW search. All good

I got your request and approved it.
Weird that it isn’t in the search results on the site

Anyone up for squad up tonight?

What time were you thinking? I’m always interested in squading up!

I could squad up now lol…just have to pick up my kid and start dinner in about an hour.

Damn - I won’t be home for another 2.5 hours, I’ll check to see if you are on when I get home.
Stupid west coast time difference!

I can be on later, around 830 or 9 est. I need to get back into this game. Down to squad up for a bit!

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Yeah prob be on 9pm est. Bout to sit down with famiky to eat dinner and watch a movie.

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Could also be drunk by then as well…

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Getting ready to jump on and shoot some shit. If your feeling froggy and want get your tactical on…join me on the Xbox One. GT: GHSTWLKRS

Currently running a squad with @DuvalFunk…2 more slots are open…get on and game with us!

Now have a squad of 3. @GhstWlkrs , @DuvalFunk, and @koldfront_kraig …there is room for one more.

Good times with @DuvalFunk…went trekking over some mountains on dirt bikes and completed a few missions. @koldfront_kraig was having issues joining with Duval. At first Kraig’s NAT was set to moderate, but we got that fixed and placed over to OPEN. I could join in on both of their games, but for some reason those 2 couldn’t get into the same game.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? All parties had NAT OPENs but couldnt join in on each other…If you have experienced this and found the work around, please let us know.

@DuvalFunk …the flash bang expert!