TESO - Builds

@Lala_Calamari this doesn’t tell what is OP but gives a list of different builds. Wish I would have seen it sooner.


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Cool, I’ll have to check it out.

Nice find. Definitely going to be a long-term endeavor to understand the best way to ultimately min/max at the end game for the PvP.

I was going to go Nightblade but am most likely going Templar for first character. Been watching lots of build vids, Templar looking strong in PvP, solo, & PvE.

i am still undecided.

Sorc or templar i think. the builds are really all over the place. PVP wise it looks like Nightblade or Sorc are the strongest classes. At least according to the poll on the TESO forums.

What’s gonna be best for a newb to the series?

Check out the builds for each class on this site, deltiasgaming.com Lots of detailed builds with how to use the skills rotation.

I am not liking how my Breton Dragonknight plays. I have tons of crowns so thinking about changing it up.

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Dual wield FTW. Having a lot of fun dual wielding with DragonKnight and Knightblade.


I really like the siphon master build on my nightblade. But also enjoying my blue hunter build I found for night blade. There are alot of builds here to look through. Also if you are a nightmare and like using stealth. I suggest picking up the dark brotherhood dlc. On the dark brotherhood skill tree is the blade of woe. It is a stealth execution move. One hit instant death. Works great with my shadow skill

Jammer only does random builds.

I tend to do close quarter combat where my current build has me at a distance. It’s been difficult for me to adjust which has made me think of switching it up.

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I prefer stealth. But night blade has good close quarters. Add werewolf for stamina bonus and damage and you can make a pretty powerful build.

I have made about 3 race changes through crown store to avoid deleting and starting over.

@Rigonn I found this video that might help you.
I also searched TESO Nightblade Healer in google and came across some cools shit.
Looks like these will do what you were thinking, DPS one Bar and Heals the other.
Sounds like a solid build to me, even though unconventional.
The fact that you are Khajit won’t matter that much one way or the other in the end.

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I’m desperate for a stamina nightblade build for group play. Even something that can be crafted to get me going.

I’m all in purple gear and I’m way too squishy. And I barely do any damage. ESO builds confuse the fuck out of me.

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I have been doing some reading, and by in large most of the Stam/Mag builds concentrate on “Glass Cannon” style builds. I freaking hate that nonsense. They want you to dump 100% of your skill points to either Stam or Magica… I feel like there has to be some ceiling there, though. At some point it’s just wateful to have that much dumped into one or the other and nothing in health. I’m taking those builds and bastardizing them a little. I may not hit the same rotations and deal out the heavy DPS like they show off, but some of that just seems like math/numbers overkill. The character has to be fun to play solo too.

All that said. I’m taking the basic ideas of some of these builds and doing my own thing spreading points half and half between health and either magika or stamina… My builds don’t seem quite so squishy anymore with that balance.

I would keep the traits at a 100% and just supplement with armor. I think I need more impenetrable stats.

Ive been wasting all my in game money figuring out builds. Ive managed to setup a pretty decent healer buikd so far with somewhat of a dmg output for solo play. Now for a full Stamina NB build, you can easily rack up tons of dmg but your survivability is close to none. Unless you have a healer or you have a 2nd bar ultimately focused on defense. You wont survive. Thats the only problem with Nightblade. Is either risk the dmg to survive or risk the chance to survive more for the extra dps.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that your role has alot to do with how to setup a build. Example pvp… you can survive and barely do dmg which would ultimately lead to success if the slow play is your thing. Most people rock the glass cannon style. Once all the tricks are out of the hat, thats it… youll slowly get to them. If you want high dmg, depends on whether you want to focus on stuns/incap for the dmg breaks or just simple balls to the wall raining dmg. So either way a full stam build is fully capable with dualwield/2h for burst dmg or dual/bow for survival. Ive always seen bow/dual but specific dual due to the perks which give bonuses to stats. This could be dual maces or dual daggers etc. Which way would you like to build the full stan NB? I may be able to throw some pointers given all the time ive spent studying NB lol…

Most Stamina Nightblades use 2 handed / bow for PvP. Dual wield / bow is more of a PvE build.