TESO - Console PVP (PS4)

This should give us an idea of how the controls are. Not an exciting video by any means not many playing.

My Guess is “A” is jump , LT is LH attack/block , RT is RH attack , Dpad to select consumables, the rest are your different skill moves

Can’t believe that this is on PS4, XB1, and PC. Appears to be a step down in Elder Scrolls graphically. It’s a pass for me.

It’s an MMO. There is no way they could do “Skyrim” graphics with all the shit that happens on the screen. PVP can have up to 2000 people on one server, at least on PC.

That is also Beta footage not sure if the graphics are dumbed down. I was hoping it looked as good as PC but it doesn’t. Draw distance being the main difference.

PC looks good. I understand its an MMO but come on there has to be a line. If you can pull off graphics like PC then fine if not then don’t bother with making it for consoles. I know the PC crowd is a more refined bunch, I see this as being a trollfest on console.

I just put 40 some hours into NWO on Console. It’s a 10 year old MMO that looks worse than PC. I get the graphic argument, but that doesn’t keep me from having fun.

To each is own I guess

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I’d rather have gameplay than OMGBBQSAUCE graphics. Also, MMOs usually have issues rendering people (actual players not NPCs or PVE shit). The issue isn’t the graphics card but the CPU. Not only do they have to display the model but each specific item your character is wearing (armor weapons). MMOs are a whore, like gunny.

You rang?

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I played the beta. I thought it looked very good

You also have to compare hardware. What video card are they using for the PC? Chances are it’s about the price of a console alone.

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Graphics are not the MOST important thing to me. I may have expressed it wrong. I was just hoping for more coming from a game that wasn’t developed that long ago and IMO should look better than what has been presented thus far on console. fun factor i agree is important which is why I buy games like Hardline in the first place

As long as it’s not extremely laggy during giant PvP battles I’ll be fine with subpar graphics.