TESO - Undaunted Chest Contents

Want to know which chest to open?! Look no further!

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Pledges have undergone some major changes with the release of the One Tamriel update. In the past, there were 2 Daily quests: a Normal and a Veteran, and players were rewarded Bronze, Silver or Gold Keys for their participation. Now there are 3 Daily quests, and these can be run at any difficulty. Running them on Normal rewards 1 Pledge Key. Running them on Veteran rewards 1 Pledge Key and 1 Monster Mask of that Dungeon. Running them on Veteran hard mode rewards 2 Pledge Keys along with the Monster Mask of the Dungeon. This means players can potentially acquire 6 Keys a day, if they run each Pledge on Veteran and get the Challenge.

*Veteran hard mode: right before the boss fight, there is a scroll on the ground (Scroll of Glorious Battle)… activating it will increase the difficulty. These hard mode bosses also reward a collectible Undaunted bust of that boss for furnishing your home.

There are now 3 NPCs that give these quests instead of 2. They will give players a quest from the following pools and players can use their Pledge Keys to open one of 3 chests, granting a shoulder piece (as well as other loot) from that pool.

I managed to get the the shoulders I was looking at for my Sorc with the stat I wanted. Domihaus, Light and Impenetrable. I’m guessing they’re bind on Equip as I am sure I earned them on my DK but put them on the Sorc.

Does the chests only give shoulders?

Also, I need to run Veteran on a few dungeons as I need a few masks. The sorc is looking for Ilambris helm, Light and Infused.

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Yeah, only shoulders it looks like and the mask from the boss.

I am down to run some Veteran we just need to make sure we have a healer and a tank for sure and then research the mechanics of whichever dungeon we go in. Nothing we can’t do though.

I also need Llambris or Zaan.

A few questions

  • Are the keys bound to your character or can you transfer them to another? I know the rewards are bound.

  • I used 2 keys last night on the Gilirion chest and got 2 of the same items. Is it just RNG and I had bad luck?

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I dont think you can bank and transfer keys but the gear you should be able to. I can test it here shortly.

The gear is totally RNG and each set can drop in all 3 armor types.

I’m pretty sure mine was bound. I could be confused though.

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I’m going to double check. I have about 20 monster shoulders in my bank and I can even put one of the helms in there and see if one of my alts can pull it. I’ll try keys but I’m sure that’s a no go.

On a side note do you have the undaunted pledges from yesterday? Crypt of hearts 1 was one of them. I’d like to try vet and get the llambris helm.

You can transfer the monster gear… pic below is the gear in my alts inventory after being pulled from the bank.

It shows bound though. I’m guessing it’s account bound and not character bound.

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Correct, that is some confusion I’m seeing. Certain items will show character bound but those are specifics to that character like obtaining a undaunted vet bust.

If it shows bound its account wide… character bound is that specific character… and bind on equip could be shared or mailed

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