That time of the year is here !!! Beware !!!!

Today , schools around the country , are starting their summer break , which means that "little Timmy " will now be out in force and sadly , up late as well :rage: . Prepare yourself for the " Barney song " being song in a high pitch voice , loud rap music with lots of cuss words being played , barking dogs and screaming moms .You are going to become very familiar again with the mute button ( your new best friend ) and your patience will be tried to your very limits . Good luck to all during these dark three months until September . :scream:


That’s why you never game alone! Put yourself in a party chat and let people join in on you.

Dont play call of duty. Problem solved.


On the contrary, play call of duty. The Timmie’s will saturate out and we won’t be playing against so many try hards