The Best MMO is going on sale.

GW2 will be 9.99 on Saturday. I’m addicted to this game and this is a fantastic price. There is no subscription either. Great price to get started!

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wow. $10??

ok i might get it.

I haven’t played it in ages but that is a must buy at that price if you don’t have it.

I played it for a bit, and if you haven’t at least tried it, you should. It’s a beautiful game.

Guild Wars 2 is well worth the $10. Especially if you’re like me and rarely play MMOs and just occasionally get the itch. No sub makes it easy to just play whenever. Plus, yay, it actually runs on my Macbook.

Interesting. I just may have to pick up this one. Is it still primarily a PvP game?

It’s PvE and PvP. There’s the standard PvE quests to max level (80). There’s dungeons and public events. Constantly updated Living story. Plus the usual holiday events.

You have two options for PvP. One is SPvP which is the standard 5v5 small map shit. The other is World vs World vs World PvP. It’s 3 servers that fight across 4 different maps. The maps are huge and have objectives to take and hold. Places like supply camps, towers, keeps and Castles. I can hold about 80 people per server per map, although that’s usually not the case.

I love to link Angry Joe’s review of it. He does a great job explaining the game.

Are there separate servers like WoW where all the GRG guys play on the same realm/server?

I will download it again and play on there. I was Jammer.4301

I’m on the Jade Quarry Server. There’s no GRG guild. I’m in a hardcore WvW only guild, they’re a bunch of douchebags but kick ass on the field.

So basically your math is douchebag = winner


For those that play it looks like a double XP weekend as well.

I am gonna have to pick this up again. I have tried everything in my power to get my old account back but they are telling my info is wrong and it isn’t. I only had one character anyway so no big lose and so much has changed since then.

I am on Jade Quarry as well but not winning with a bunch of douchebags like @LalaCalamari.

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If all you fuckers are playing, I can start a GRG guild so you all can at least group up. We’d also be able to use JQ’s server wide teamspeak for free.

I might consider too. I’d like to start again with some noobs

Downloading now. I’m sure it will take all day. :-1:

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I created a guild on Jade Quarry for those interested. It’s call Grim Reaper Gamers, of course. I’m not sure how I’ll handle this as I’m in a WvW only guild now. But it would be a good way for any GRG members to keep in touch.

Hit up Lala Calamari.6170 in game and I’ll add you. I’ll work on getting a guild channel on the JQ teamspeak server.

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Someone that goes by Cookie Monster on JQ just sent me 41 cookies. LOL

My GW2 handle is digitalciphers.2879

The double XP is super nice.

Going to download today. Ordered

Redragon Perdition 16400 DPI High Precision Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse for PC, MMO, 18 Programmable Buttons, Weight Tuning Cartridge, 12 Side Buttons, 5 programmable user profiles, Omron Micro Switches

To replace my old naga with buttons broken.