The Cost of 60FPS

Interesting and disturbing at the same time. Meh…ya’ll will still play it. :wink:

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I think they did a good job with the game. most won’t be noticeable at full speed and when you are focusing on not getting your ass shot off

I don’t see a negative when playing MP. Seems like great engineering.

Now if this was say FO4 were you might just sit and admire the surroundings then it might would matter.

I am actually looking forward to this. Wish I was home to play.

Why wouldn’t we play it? MP is going to be a good time.

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Don’t read too much into my comment - I’m certain it’ll be a solid title and the VAST majority of what was picked out in the video isn’t something I’d notice either. I only found it an interesting dissection of the game and the manner in which they handled the challenge of keeping the FPS up.

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I’m hoping to get my first few games in tonight if I can. I should have more free time throughout the weekend to play.