The Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Thread

Please use spoiler tags if you are talking about the plot.

Here is a link with some tips.

When you first get to mother base, there is a fulton tutorial… fulton EVERYONE. i skipped a few guys cuz i thought it was just for the tutorial and i said i didnt complete the objective fully.

Grab a beer and listen to the tapes :smile:

so if you were paranoid about what you were going to miss from Ground zeros, here is a list. so far it seems to be constumes and recruits…

anybody find any cool items???

SPOILERS till Mother base

So seeing Psycho Mantis was cool, was thinking that was all an illusion but some of it wouldnt make sense… think it’s psycho and another working together to do that shit.

The “Skull fuckers” in afghanistan scare the shit out of me. i gut triangle to pick up miller off my horse and dove into my horse lol. the skulls slowly walked down the valley, so i walked across the bridge… problem solved.

future game spoiler

I’m still kinda confused about the avatar thing… i did a quick search cuz i wasnt sure what i was doing, before i read that you go back to looking like the real snake, i saw somebody think that you aren’t actually the same snake… i know there are clones, but i havent played any of the games basically, i dont remember the story of MGS Solid one or 2…

That intro had my jaw on the ground…great intro, one of the better since the last of us

I fulton a whole base during a mission HAHA… i have 43 people at my mother base… got A’s so far on the real missions… havent killed a single guy, just dont feel like ive had to… yet…

I just fultoned everyone…but i upgraded my binoculars and now i can actually see their stats and i can pick and choose now…
I also like beating my guys up to boost morale. Its satisfying

So i never saw this… OH YES!!!

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No idea whats going on in that video…but it looked bad ass