The myth of the lonely gamer playing in solitude is dead

Couple of highlights for the non-readers

For years it has been common for sports fans to descend on stadiums or local bars to watch their teams compete. Increasingly, that’s becoming more common in the world of video gaming through the rapid rise of esports. The poll finds 38 percent of teens and young adults say they are fans of esports — about the same as the 40 percent who are fans of professional football.

And just like with football, the elite tournaments of esports, like the newly formed Overwatch League, inspire communities of fans and friends around them.

Blizzard says 10 million people watched the Overwatch League’s opening week. The matches weren’t on network TV, so most watched through streaming sites such as Twitch.

(ok defense of fanboy status a little)

So what do you think? … I feel a community is just what people in the gaming community want…but they don’t even know what it is…Until they get here


Would rather play a game with friends then go to bar any day.


14 to 21 year olds?

fuck them

damn millennials

what about the stats for old bastards?



Yet we have all the monies!

I would like to see what the numbers would look like if they went 18-35, 36-55, and 56+ instead of having 40-64 lumped together. 35-50 is the heart of the Atari/Nintendo generation, while 55+ was nearing their teens when Atari came out so they are watering down that percentage.

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