The new Xbox experience

The one problem that is still happening is half the time after you exit a game and go do something else , the console kicks you offline or freezes up which means you will have too re-boot the damn thing . This has been a problem I have seen while on the Preview Program . They have improved the dashboard but there still some bugs that need to be fixed .

Well, they don’t have long to fix it. It goes public in 10 days.

I have yet to see the freeze or offline issues when you exit a game. Odd.

Wait, there is a preview program?

yeah i find this very buggy still. It real slick and moves nice. But I have had an increase in issues with connecting to Live since i installed it.

Still have not got Preview Program invite from Johnny H. yet ??? Have you tried a corn cob bribe yet ?

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The biggest issue I had was it kept showing my mic was having problems in party chat, yet they could hear me. It told me to mute, so when I did, it wouldn’t let me unmute. A hard reboot fixed it.

Oh I figured your biggest issue was lying to me and @Lala_Calamari

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Looks like that was not a big issue at all .

May the toilets back up on your next cruise.

There’s a new XBOX UI? They should probably beta test that.


The biggest problem I’ve had with the new UI is dealing with Jammer and Lala when MS decided not to let them beta test.

Should have been nicer to me. MS is watching…

Sure it was them you corn loving evil bastard.