The Outer Worlds' Day One Patch is as Big as the Game

The Outer Worlds is just a week away from release, and Obsidian have announced the official times the game will be coming out in each region, along with the size of its day one patch.


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The Outer Worlds (@OuterWorlds) October
16, 2019

The Outer Worlds, a wacky Western-style RPG set in space, is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The Microsoft Store gives the game’s approximate size is 36.78 GB. Obsidian say that the title update coming on launch day will be around 38GB to download for Xbox players who purchase physical copies of the game; around the same size as the actual game. It’s around 18 GB for PS4 owners of the physical game, whilst for those who purchase it digitally on either platform, the patch will be included in the game’s pre-load. The Outer Worlds is generally scheduled for midnight release in most regions. Check out Obsidian’s map below to see exact times:

This one has been flying under the radar for me, being its Single player. It does look like a fun game and might get it when the price is right.

My son has been waiting for this in what seems like forever.

I completely missed this. I’ll wait for the reviews, but it’s on my wish list.

@Grex, @brokain

Do you have Xbox Game Pass?


Thanks for the heads up.

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Yep, looking forward to this as well, but will wait til price comes down in the spring. I’m also not getting game pass as I wouldn’t use it enough to justify.