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  • Halo Infinite

Gaming and Geek News

  • Halo Infinite Roadmap
    • Forge Beta Delayed until November
    • Season 3 delayed until March 2023 (season 2 was 10 months).
    • Network campaign co-op
    • Match XP
  • Call of Duty MW2 News
    • Week early access to campaign if you pre-order the Digital version
  • BF2042 Season 2 Update
    • New Map – Stranded
    • 3 new guns
    • New Specialist – Charlie Crawford – Minigun specialty
  • Discord on XBox
    • Lala got in the beta with the Omega test ring on XBox Live
  • TV & Movies
    • Better Call Saul series Finale
    • She-Hulk
    • Game of Thrones: House of Dragons
    • Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power

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I bitch about Halo yet here I am grinding out levels in the Yappening…

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I bitch about Halo in this podcast yet I have just finished both battle passes and almost done the Yappening event. I have issues.