The Rock is in a new movie adaptaion of a classic game franchise...


“Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to star in a big screen adaptation of Midway’s 1986 arcade game, Rampage.
The live-action film will reunite Johnson, film studio New Line Cinema, and producer Beau Flynn, who recently teamed for San Andreas. While no director is attached to the project at this time, The Hollywood Reporter reports the film will be written by Non-Stop scribe Ryan Engle.”

I’m not sure what the story could possibly consist of… but seeing the wolf, ape, and lizard on the big screen might be fun.

Two things that absolutely have to be in this movie:

  • One of the monsters eats a bomb, and belches smoke after it explodes.
  • One of the monsters grabs a woman out of a bathtub and eats her.