The struggle is real. BF1 Medics


OMG LMAO :joy:

Yes they need something to tell you a medic is on the way LOL

They kinda do. It shows all medics in the area and how close they are to you. If they are getting closer 80% of the time it is to heal you.


oh yes I know but so few revive people have just been hitting respawn. With GRG I usually say into mic… on my way … or wait for a revive.

I have had random medics run right past me often.
I spent a night running toward randoms and trying to revive and feeling the frustration .

Probably why I found it so funny

I like to run past dead GRG all the time. Sometimes I might stop to point and laugh.


In the beta there was an option to alert medics you were waiting for a revive. I think most people suffer from the COD respawn thumb, and stupidity and you can no lobger refuse a revive which sucks when i get revived by a teammate right in front of the guy who killed me so he can kill me again

I usually throw a teabag in before I give em the needle.

Funny thing is it takes the same amount of time to auto respawn as it does if you select respawn. You’re not getting back into the game any sooner and are usually hurting your team by leaving one less man in the area of contention.

I do understand respawning when you’re in a shit spot. No need to die over and over while padding someone’s stats.

LOL. That was great.

The blinking skull is the key. If you see it, don’t even try. If it’s solid, 9 out of 10 times the person is watching for you to come closer and the revive.

After a night of pain with the house selling buying process. It really is ridiculous the whole process.

I had to watch this again to lighten my mood Love it LOL . Life back in perspective

Thanks for posting it !

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