There's Something You Should Know Before 'Destiny 2' Drops Niobe Labs Tomorrow

I have some of this lore collected but wow…I guess Ada-1 does have good reason to hate us.

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Bungie doubling down on the Good / Bad Guardian story. Are we the heroes or enemy?

Also, they may be laying groundwork for when we can play as bad guys (Destiny 3) and where having Uldron be the Hunter Vanguard make a little more sense.

It’s just the power of free will, some use it for good some for bad and some stay in the middle. It is sad to know I miss so much story because of how bungie does the lore drops.

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Yeah, I didn’t even want to touch that one. I’m not sure why this isn’t added to the game. Why is it just text based after the fact lore? And as a drop? Bungie doesn’t make any sense sometimes.

I’m hopeful this will add meaningful depth to the guardian’s (our) story but i will not set my expectations too high…light and dark but we are born in light and “chosen” by the ghosts so shouldn’t we be more good than bad… yes i remember from rise of iron we learned the “lords” of iron were like war lords…but not fleshed out well…maybe D3 will address

Going from the start of halo and building a great story there to this is just confusing how did bungie mess that up so bad after doing so well with halo maybe you’re right valiant I hope d3 explains more

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