Things that have gotten you in the Dog House with your other half .

Last night , I had taken apart my Sig 45 cal. , cleaned it and was putting back together , when things went wrong . The pistol has a very strong custom made spring on the piston rod to reduce recoil on the gun and is a bitch to get back on . While fighting this thing , the missus thought it would be funny to fling open the door and try to surprise me , my hands slipped , the spring and rod flew off at high speed . The spring hit her right between the eyes and the rod went up and shattered the light fixture . Springing to action , I jump up to immediately ( dodging broken glass ) to make sure the missus was ok ( she was laid out flat on her back ) and not hurt badly . After checking her out , she was fine except for a perfect round red dot between her eyes . Everything was ok until I made the comment that when she goes to work in the morning , she can tell her boss that she had converted to Hinduism ( he is from India ) and she might get the raise she wanted . Now , this attempt to make humor at this close call of a tragic accident backfired and I am in trouble , which means now I got to buy flowers , candy , a light fixture and go down her . None of this was my faulty !!! Now I know you people have gotten in the dog house for something , what was it you did ?


No clue, but what ever it was the bitch left me for it.


I’m never out of the dog house, I moved in permanently.


Spent $200 on a scuff controller, among plenty of other stuff. For that question you really need a GRG significant other forum.

Got married, boom done deal

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Shes lucky it didnt hit her directly in the eye. you’re lucky to be alive and able to type…

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Checking out other women lol.

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@Disneynut68 don’t you need to get the dishes done?

I can’t have my guns out in the house or all hell breaks loose

MY pillow went missing at work and I thought it was one of the day shift workers so I text my wife who is the boss over where I work and said “Some cunt did something with my pillow and its fucking gone!” She called me crying and long story short she got the pillow to take home and put a pillow case on it.


Why do you have a pillow at work…

Well…#1 @unobtainaballs asked the right question. Why do you have a pillow at work?
#2…lol. haha that’s kinda funny. (not the crying part)

working 3rd shift sometimes i get sleepy or i have to come in unexpectedly and i need to take a break from playing xbox and need to take a nap. my sleeping bag doesnt have a pillow built in so…


I’m only in the dog house when I’m in relationships. Like balls deep into the relationship and its passed the vial, butterfly and rainbow stage. But I know with my last girlfriend she would always complain about eating too much and that she was going to be on a diet and all this other stuff. Now, I’m black, this girl was Irish, Italian, German mixed. That means her ass was envied by most black girls. Not to talk about her hips and thighs… The hell was I talking about… Oh ya, so anyway, we’re at hooters one night and the waitress comes and asks us for our order. I’m a seasoned pro when it comes to hooters. I know exactly what I want and how I want it so I don’t need no damn menu. This was her first time eating at hooters so she was looking through the menu, taking forever and making the waitress wait which means she was delaying my damn chicken. So I told her that she should just start her diet she’s always talking about and just get a salad. I received the look of death, then I saw the look on the waitresses face, and that was the moment I knew I fucked up. The waitress walked away saying she’ll give us more time and I began getting an ear full of how could you say that, do you think I’m fat, blah blah blah. And I didn’t get my chicken till 45 annoyingly painful fuckin minutes later. She kept reminding me of that throughout the relationship.


Ashy wins so far, great story

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I have to agree with @Lala_Calamari and @Disneynut68 ever since we were dating and I had two other girlfriends, it’s been more of an effort to do stuff to come in from the doghouse.

Playing xbox.
Sleeping bag.

Is third shift just a sleepover?

Vial, butterfly and rainbow stage?

Think I know what you mean.
Brits call this the “honeymoon period”.

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@anon42851937 lets the dryer keep running and buzzing during podcasts instead of getting it.

@anon3687162: Screw you…the new dryer dings.

@AshyBone: That was classic.

As far as I go: I’m with the others that say there is no exit from the doghouse. It started shortly after saying I Do, and there’s no end in sight.

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