Thoughts, opinions, suggestions on video project

Ello there …so I have been inspired from all the videos i have seen get posted and now I might have found a new hobby which seems to be demanding in time…so if you could just take a glance at the video below and give me your thoughts… I have never worked with any kind’ve video editing or making software other then what the xbox one has on it so… yeah.

It was amazing how long it took to figure just this part out…but i have more to come…more thoughts and ideas…just figured i would get yall’s spin on it. Thanks.

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yeah it takes a awhile to figure out at first but once you start to get the hang of the software you are using it gets easier. Nice work with what you have done. And Yes, it does take a long time if you want to make it look good.

Video editing is not trivial. You should drop this on @LanceHung thread for intro’s.