Time to leave.

Well, since some members of this group have shown me that they can’t act their age and they enjoy abusing their authority, I’m done here. It’s too bad things ended up this way.

So, to whoever is in charge who is reading this, please remove me from the Destiny Clans and everything else connected to it. I’m done with this group. People need to grow up and realize that other people have different opinions other than the popular ones.

Demeaning other people for their opinions is childish. Not everyone things or feels the same way and they shouldn’t. But, hey, I’m probably just shouting into a hurricane. Good day.

You seriously have an issue.


You are the one that came into chat with an agenda…

Really? When did GRG become all SJW-y?

We were bullshitting 3 hours before you even came in chat with your typical SJW crap. This is just video games to us man. It’s our fun. We don’t care about all the serious shit. If we did we would be on facebook/reddit bitching about it. You think we are on the other side but we aren’t picking a side. We don’t care.

I hope you can find a home for yourself. It definitely isn’t here.


I was in discord when this went down and i still dont understand what the hell happened…

Why should i act my age?

fuck that noise



Fucking authorities around here! Bunch of damn haters! :laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile:


See… if you’d just pulled up your big girl panties, as was suggested… there’d be no need for all this seriously misplaced aggression.
Here’s some marching music as you choose to exit.
This too shall pass.

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WTF did I miss?

This is mostly your fault from what I understand…

I kinda felt bad but then I told my wife about this situation…there is a clinical term for this (she is a psyc nurse), it’s called grandiosity and for this individual it could not go any other way. They set it up so that no matter what we would end up here.

So I don’t feel so bad…it’s better for GRG that we don’t have this kind of attention whore


Always miss the good shit!

Hope you find a place where you fit. Though considering you seem to have issues wherever you visit online, perhaps you are the problem rather than the other people you deal with.


Very well said.

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i agree with axess, you guys are all assholes

except grex

wonderful specimen of a man


God-damn @valiantvictory… I thought my marching band send off was pretty savage…
You just come out and call him a psychologically defective attention whore.
Fuck you for stealing my thunder again!

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I am 57 years old and don’t want to act age . I must have missed a huge rant … again

crusty old bastard

So who was that again?

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Had to go and hunt that down on discord. Lmao that spiraled out of control fast. That was the kind of meltdown the ps4 team leads usually have. Craziest part is that it made zero sense. Just walked into a room, called everyone bitches, flashed his ball bag and left. Fairly epic.


lol, yeah. I was pretty shocked as well. It was the tamest I’ve ever been to piss someone off. Seriously told him to pull up his big girl panties and relax (verbatim) and he loses his shit.

I know for a fact that nothing discussed in our Chat room is serious. If you get worked up in GRG’s chat then you either need to take a break or understand THAT NO ONE IS SERIOUS.