Tonight's one off game 7/11/19

Alright it looks like we have a tie for tonight’s game between Forza Horizon and Rainbiw Six Siege. So because I dont want to throw up another poll between the two and I know Lala has it as do I, I’m calling it a win for Forza Horizon. I’ll throw siege back into the mixing pot for another one off. Now everyone get ready to race tonight and have a good time I also fully expect to see @Gunny with us right gunny

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its on game pass and i will see when i get home from “date night” if you guys are still running…

Who else should we be looking for tonight?


I’m iffy. Momma wants to have date night since youngest is out of house for a week. Depends how much time “she” needs

Excuses sir, no worries if you can cool if not no worries

I repeat…

I should be on for it

We had some good races with @beers_and_leafs, @SoulessGrimm and @SoulessGrimm’s friend.

@Grex battled the AI as Forza Horizon’s tutorial takes for-fucking-ever.

It’s a shame they don’t make it easier to set up private races. The standard Forza titles make it a lot easier to just race with friends.


A fun time but I agree the multiplayer aspect is extremely flawed