Tournament Game mode ideas

As everyone knows, GRG will be hosting our first ever Cross Play Call of Duty Tournament this Wednesday. The way we usually work this is we have each of the 4 teams play each other in a series of 3 games. Top 1 winning teams play each other. The 2 losers can play each other for the toilet bowl if interested.

That said, we need some help coming up with games to play. We’re looking for ideas. Game mode, Map type, Core / Hardcore. FYI, we tend to shy away from TDM for tournaments because they get a bit campy and boring.

So help us out and give us some ideas. @codplayers


Capture the Flag if we wanted to do something a little different and it’s a difficult game mode.

Search because it’s the best game mode.

I like Hardcore but core maybe better so we don’t have newer hardcore players going 0-20 in matches.

My suggestions

  • HC Gun Fight
  • Core Dom
  • Core KC

Make sure to include maps to the game modes and types.

Keep it simple and keep the maps small is my opinion. If I see a hit cave I’m leaving the tournament as well.

all core modes
CTF - Hackney Yard
Domination - Shoot House
KC - Shipment
S&D - Vacant
TDM - Rust

Any mode on Hardhat (if it comes with this new update)

Hardcore Headquarters on Shipment. No time limit. You can all thank me later.


As if overseeing GRG and all it’s mouthbreathers wasn’t torture enough…


KC on Shoot House
DOM on the Hovec Sawmill
Hardpoint on Vacant
Headquarters on Hackney Yard
Grind on Khandor Hideout

Sawmill is a dumpster fire of a map

Fine, HC Drop Zone on Sawmill