Trials of Osiris interest

I know there are people interested in this while others prefer to stay away. I would like to know who has interest in this.

I will be doing this on XBox and like to do it on Friday when all the other noobs are doing it just trying to get it over with. I also have 3 characters to do it multiple times if needed.

If you are on PS4 or can’t make it Fridays I’d say still state your interest so you can try to match yourself with other GRG interested in Trials.

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Definitely interested, but probably only for the book. There has been a lot of talk about it, so you should have no problem filling a team

Im in for some trials. Had a bit of fun doing it last week. Just getting the bounties done nets you a piece of gear.

I’m good man. Talk to @pnt he’s all about that life :sweat_smile:

Anyone on Playstation side looking for a casual, bounty only sweatfest in Trials i would be down @DestinyPlayers

I’m happy to hold you back.
We should have some cross-over at weekends too.

Busy this weekend though…

I never played trails. Plus I suck at pvp

Damn…big only you were Xb1. I still have left over Bounties from the last go round.

I will run on the X1 side. It is pretty brutal though.

Sniper I do it just for the Bounties. I’ve only done a handful of cards and do not have the skills to get any of the good rewards.

PNT on our team is almost a sure win.

Yeah my only real concern is bounties, I am not looking for a group that would get me to lighthouse, though if that happened it’d be awesome


I’m up for trials. If anyone wants to run them.

I usually don’t do it on Sun or Mon cause that is when only the tryhards are left usually

I’m down for some trials next time they roll around.