Trove (PS4)

Started playing this interesting free game. Has been on PC for awhile but has made its way to Xbox and PS. So far, seems the community is 90% teenagers and looking to add more of our old asses on there.

Quick Review - Good mix of minecraft and diablo. Game does get quite difficult to master and really shines to people who understand their class/gear. From what I hear, takes quite a long time to reach the true end game. Example, the worlds you travel to for the game go from at least Normal to Uber-6. Each has their designated power level lock to bar entrance. Mostly a PvE experience but some PvP to be had. Game gets better with friends but perfectly soloable if you have the patience.

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Are you playing this on the PS4? (@PS4Players) I downloaded it on XB1 but haven’t put time in it yet.

Just queued it for download - will try it out later.
Still working for a few more hours.

Yes. On PS4. I might try it on the new xbox if it runs better.

Very Respectfully,
James Allen

I will be on later tonight. It is not pay to win but more like pay to
progress faster.

Very Respectfully,
James Allen

This is creeping me out. It’s too nice and formal for us here.

@PlayStationPlayers hit up @Xionergy for some trove action!

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Yeah it freaked me out - until I noticed the little email icon.

This game is fun. I could see myself playing it for a hour or for hours on end.

@Bigfish they have a Neon Ninja class.

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Didn’t realize it kept my email signature. Just thought it was awesome I
could reply via email

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Did you look like Pig Pen after the dust exploded when you turned your ps4 on?

I am playing on Xbox.

I’ll have to try this out looks like it could be fun, and it’s free so why not. Probably DL on the xbone.

Playing with Savage right now