TV or Movie school boy/girl crush

So who was it? That first TV or movie star that got you all hot and bothered. Please keep it to your childhood. I don’t wanna see 50 pictures of Kate Upton.

-Christina Applegate (Married with Children)

  • Alyssa Milano (Who’s the Boss?)
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Oh…this is easy. It was the perfect timing for me…just hitting puberty, and just the right look from a movie I didn’t expect it in:

Carrie Fisher in the Slave Bikini:

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I was born the year the first movie released.

I was 12 when Jedi came out.

Fuck you sir…fuck you.

What did I steal your girl or something?

I was born that year.

Oh so you are sorta old like me.

No like Johnny I was in puberty mode when that movie came out.

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trying to think of earliest… and its prolly, the girls.


Had this poster on my wall when I was 10


Yup. Alyssa

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Keibler was too much for a guy in his upper 20s too

To continue @HAWKLANDER’s string of early 80s women, let’s not forget Heather Locklear.


These two were the first to give me a funny feeling in my underoos.

And probably more Evil-Lyn than Teela.

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Daisy Duke

Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island

Honestly, chicks are better looking now days.

Screw you Digital. You’re not the boss of me.

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Well, hey…at least you weren’t asking for too much. :smiley:

If you check out my post after Tuttle’s , you will see that I agree . Can not get the photo on the page for some reason.