Twistedgunsmith's twitch and youtube stream

Hey all with the last staff meeting i opted for streaming as a promotion for grg dont know if any od the @PlayStationPlayers have a streaming channel so i made one on twitch and youtube



New at this streaming stuff been doing some research but if any current streamers have some advice for starting out that be helpful. Probably going to stay native to ps4 due to me not having a pc witch will limit what i can do on streams but any and all advice would be great. No current scheduel yet but will try to make one as i delve deeper into the streams amd get used to it


I would say to customise your Twitch page a bit. Not sure what you can do on the YT side.
Upload clips, maybe add a schedule on there, show that you’re active so the channel doesn’t look plain.

I think the more you talk / are interactive the better you will do - though some people enjoy quiet play throughs too.
I’d say SP games you’re more likely to get away with that but MP probably requires some more interaction with the audience to stand out from the other streamers.

Never properly streamed so take this advice with a pinch.

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So far ehat ive read up on said somewhat the same thing. I halfto find something that fits me like if i want to be and “entertainer” or a “proffessional gamer” or etc. but really im just doing this to try and help promote grg really only plan to stream things like coomunity events probably wont do much solo streams unless o really get into it

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You can always hit me up. I started a channel that should be up and running by next week. So if you any questions on equipment or software just let me know.

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I can also answer questions on equipment. I also can answer questions on how to make a non successful, inactive channel :smile:

If you are just streaming for the fun of it there are no rules or guidelines to follow. You are doing it for you and GRG by proxy. If you are trying to make a living at it that is the time to worry about what others have done to be successful.

Doing it for fun = You playing what you enjoy. Interacting when you can or feel like it. Just having fun and enjoying yourself.

Doing it to be a successful channel = Playing what is hot at the time, Viewers come first no matter what, Chat interaction is most important, lot’s of multitasking and attempts at improving quality and content.

Yes you can become successful doing it for fun. It will take a entertaining personality and lots of luck.

Being that you are on PS4 and probably aren’t using a capture card the really isn’t much you can do to improve your stream other than yourself. You are at the mercy of the Twitch app on PS and the features it offers. So just have fun with it and see what happens.


Thats really all im doing it for is for fun and to help promote grg if it becomes successful cool if not then oh well im not dropping a while bunch of money into it. Really the whole reason i did it was like i said to help promote the community. Hopefully by brodcasting our community events people will see what were about and that is to have a hell of a time and maybe like the videos enough to want to join.

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But yeah any and all help would really be appreciated and anytime you guys think you have time to chit chat about it im down

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