Ubisoft Store Listing Fuels Rumours Of A New Subscription Service

One of the unmitigated successes for both Microsoft and EA this generation has been their subscription services. Despite initial scepticism, both Xbox Game Pass and EA Access have been well received in the long run thanks to the value they provide players. It should come as little surprise then that at least one other publisher is seemingly looking to jump on the subscription service train. Originally spotted by a user on gaming forum ResetEra, a store listing suggested that French publisher Ubisoft will be releasing their own subscription service: the Ubisoft Pass.

It’s interesting to note that said store listing is for “Ubisoft Pass Premium”, indicating that there will be more than one level to this service. Perhaps a standard ‘Ubisoft Pass’ would act similarly to EA Access with a relatively small cost per month providing access to a collection of Ubisoft games while the user is subscribed and perhaps short trials on new games and a discount on purchases, with this Premium version acting similarly to Origin Access [EA Access on PC] Premier where players have full access to every game at a higher cost each month.

With another subscription service potentially on the horizon, some are worried about “subscription fatigue” where every games company will want to have their own service, similar to how TV/movies are now between Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Disney’s upcoming service and more. Personally though, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing many more for some time after this potential Ubisoft Pass. Ubisoft are one of the few third-party publishers with enough regular output that a subscription service makes sense, both for the company and the consumer.

If this Ubisoft Pass is indeed real, we can probably expect to see it unveiled their E3 conference on June 10th.

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