Upcoming MP Games

Trying to gauge what everybody’s plans are MP wise. Who’s getting what? Are you getting all? Will you be too stuck on Destiny to not get any or will you abandon Destiny?

Off the top of my head we have CoD, Battlefront, RB6, Halo 5, and still Destiny of course. How are you planning on spending your MP time?

  • Battlefront
  • Halo 5
  • RB6
  • CoD
  • Destiny

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I’ll be on Destiny until CoD comes out, then battlefront shortly after. I might be able to swing halo, but I’m not sure about that just yet.

What about you, @anon3687162?

I don’t really know which is why I am seeing what we are all doing. Battlefront is a must and I have CoD on preorder plus I have to find time for Fallout SP wise.

My choice will depend on how the Battlefront beta goes. If I really dig it, I’ll make that my one-and-only MP game and just focus on that. If it’s meh, will either pass entirely on it and go COD, or split time between them. No interest in RB6 or Halo, and abandoned Mehstiny looong ago.

Will also be putting some time into MGSO, but don’t think it has much in the way of a following here, so legs will be limited at best.

I’m expecting the beta to be bad as far as connections and the like. I’m going to see good graphics and fun game modes, even tho we have limited gameplay.

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Fallout 4

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So not playing anything with us…got it.


I will probably have Destiny, Blops, Halo, Battlefront.

Can’t wait to play blops3 with you

Blops 3

Yea I’m gonna be all over the place. BO3, Fallout 4, Battlefront, and I’m gonna get Halo for warzone and see how it goes.

BLOPS, Halo, Destiny.

Destiny - I’ll still dick around in this on and off. Not as hardcore as some.
CoD BL3 - I loved the beta and will be getting this. Can’t wait for Sticks and Stones Clan ngith
Halo 5 - I have this on pre-order. Our group never seems to last long with Halo titles. Maybe this one will be different.
Battlefront - Planning on getting this. Beta will solidify my decision.

Not getting RB6. The beta didn’t do it for me. I’m most likely going to skip this one. It’s a shame they don’t push it towards the end of spring.

I added a poll to the post. Select which games you plan on playing.

Spring of 16, or so Ubisoft says.

i might start calling it “The Destiny” from what it seems to be turning into…
The Taken Division…

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Def going to be balls deep in Fallout 4. Pretty sure I’m going to get Blogs 3 as well. The beta was fun. I may get battlefront pending how fun the beta is.

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Pinning this for the time being, so members can easily respond.

I am dumb but think I am adding Halo so that Battlefront, BLOPS, and Destiny. Plus Fallout SP goodness.