Warzone Season 5 Red Door event: ‘The Numbers’ start date, POIs, more

Mysterious Red Doors appeared in Verdansk at the launch of Season 4, teleporting players to rooms filled with high-tier loot and Killstreaks. These started behaving more erratically after the Season 4 Reloaded update, dropping players from the sky or simply disappearing as you tried to open it.

We may be about to get some answers about the Red Doors, with a midseason event, ‘The Numbers,’ being confirmed for Warzone Season 5.

Here’s when we expect this event to begin, and everything we currently know about it.

What is Warzone Season 5’s Red Door event?

Now that Warzone has integrated with Black Ops, the numbers program has been woven into the battle royale’s ongoing story. Season 1 Operator Stitch appears to be trying to use Black Ops’ numbers program in some dastardly plot, which is now affecting Verdansk.

The Red Doors arrived in Season 4, continuing this developing storyline. Now, the doors will be getting a dedicated event in Season 5 with the roadmap revealing that an event called ‘The Numbers’ will arrive during the season.

There’s no word on what the event will entail, but the Season 5 roadmap states that “Whatever broadcast Perseus set up is causing the Red Doors to become more volatile than ever before, as Operators are now reporting [REDACTED] in their post-mission briefings.”

They also confirmed that the doors would send players to “locations other than the main room,” but we’ll need to wait and see what the devs have planned.

There’s also a chance that the Red Door event will tie into Call of Duty: Vanguard’s reveal, which is expected to happen inside Warzone during Season 5.

Warzone Season 5 Red Door event start date

Warzone Season 5 Roadmap Red Door event

While an official date hasn’t been given yet, Season 5’s official roadmap has confirmed that it’s a “midseason event.” This means it will occur roughly halfway through Season 5, likely in early September.

This will also mark the Season 5 Reloaded update, which will bring more content and significant updates to both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Warzone Red Door event locations: New Season 5 POIs

Activision has given us a small tease of where The Numbers event will occur. Warzone’s Season 5 update will bring Mobile Broadcast Stations to Verdansk, and the season’s reveal teased that they’ll have something to do with the Red Doors event.

These mobile stations will spawn in different locations each round, offering high loot and broadcasts that players are advised to “tune out.”

This season will also add another new POI to counter Perseus’ plans. Season 5’s reveal states that “Operators should look for [REDACTED] when it arrives on [REDACTED] within Verdansk, as a highly important [REDACTED].”

Whatever this is, it’s likely to arrive with the midseason event, similar to Nakatomi Plaza’s arrival in Season 3 Reloaded.