We Happy Few

In the below video from Xbox Daily, Compulsion Games covers various subjects, from the use of a procedurally generated world to community involvement and things players can expect in the final game. In addition, they do a brief narrated walkthrough of the same gameplay that was seen during the Microsoft E3 presentation.

In Case you missed it…


I was watching the gameplay and was zoned out thinking it was just another neat looking game that I wouldn’t touch, and then shit got weird. I think this will be a must play for me.

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Reminds me of Bioshock.


Which is why so many people are interested in this game.

Yeah definitely reminiscent of BioShock. Looks cool.

Tonight when you rest your head on your pillow, will you peacefully drift off to sleep, or will you remember this animation for upcoming survival rogue-like game We Happy Few?

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