Weapon Attack, LL and Impact effects on damage dealt

A guy ran some tests in the KF Raid to determine the effects of LL, attack number and impact on damage dealt.
The conclusion may surprise you…

  • Your light level does not directly contribute to damage. It does, however, add a penalty if you’re below the recommended light. Going into the raid at 295 light will get you a ~15% damage penalty at Oryx, for instance.

  • The attack stat on your weapon matters. Each point of attack seems to add ~0.7% damage.

  • Each weapon contributes 12% of your light, each armor piece 10% and ghosts, class items and artifacts 8%.

  • Daily heroics and Nightfalls have extra damage penalties on top of everything else.

I don’t even know what to say. I wonder how long that took to research and compile the data.