Weekly Destiny Raid Nights


GRG runs raid teams weekly on both Friday and Saturday nights on Xbox. We will run both new and old raids. Requests are welcome. Please check the Destiny category in the forums for signup threads.

  • Make sure you are at the correct light level for the raid.
  • Please educate yourself (YouTube etc.) the more you know the better it is for the group
  • Signed up people gets spots before show ups (and showing up is fine but hard to plan for)
  • Our goals are to get our GRG guardians comfortable with working with each other and to have a good time (maybe get some loot).

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/weekly-destiny-raid-nights/

Would love to join in the raid tonight if there is any slots available Xbox gamer tag SA SWAGBEAR