What Are You Cooking on Thanksgiving ????

I will be making my favorite this year . Deep fried turkey with turkey dressing , chicken & dumplings , candied yams , green peas and pumpkin pie ( all homemade ) with Coors Light , Beck’s Dark , Glenlivet 18 before , during and after cooking .

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I found an old recipe from my mom/grandpa… its mainly spam and sour krout in meatball form deep fried… My mom passed when i was in middle school and i havent had them since… SOOOO im going to give them a try and hope i like them HA

and then picking up a rotisserie turkey and stuffing from a local place. friends and family are making other things.

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I’m going to have to search for something similar to those…they sound friggin’ delicious.

Horseradish crusted beef tenderloin
2 Deep Fried Turkeys
Bear roast with carrots, onions, & celery
Sausage & sage stuffing
Pea Salad
Mash Potatoes
Roasted smashed red potatoes with basil pesto
Green beans
Sweet potato casserole
Lima Beans & corn
Deviled eggs
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Chocolate Pie
Pecan Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Pound Cake with strawberry sauce

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Spam ramen


Damn Dig you breaking out the whole feast :+1:

i’m making my famous cheese cake bites
they look similar to this but not as showy

I’ll be making money as i have to work Thursday and Friday. But i get double time and a half, so at least there’s that.

We usually go pretty basic:

Oven roasted turkey
Mashed taters
Green bean casserole
Pumpkin and pecan pie

Last but not least, I’ll be watching the Cowboys hand the Panthers their first loss!

Well I for one will be on a 4 day weekend. So around this house will be plenty of Wild Turkey 101 with some Dr.Pepper, my friend Captain may stop by. After kicking it with RedBull I just might snuggle up with some good ole Southern Comfort to end the holiday. Mixed in with plenty of xbox and a full belly of turkey and gravy it just might turn out to be great. Gives me so much to be thankful for.

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I not cooking shit. I’m watching football while my mother in law cooks. And yes she is a good cook.

I am watching the Eagles look bad once again.

No not this year, we will have the usual stuff.
@Audible_Silence, not gonna lie but deep fried spam and sour krout has me a little curious. strangely is sounds pretty good.

i had no idea what it was till i found the recipe behind some old liquor bottles at my dads house

Let us know how that goes. When we were young, my dad and grandpa made us lots of grilled spam and cheese sandwhiches. Always with miracle whip. Tried to get my wife to eat them, but she now refuses to let spam in the house.

Spam is no joke in my house. We always have a can or two here. But I also grew up in Hawaii where it’s normal. It’s the only thing that is drastically less expensive in Hawaii than it is on the mainland. It’s like around $3/can here and about $1.25/can there.

Our plan is to go to my mother in law’s for ham tomorrow, and then mom’s for turkey on Saturday. However, a possible ice storm may force us to look into plan B for tomorrow.

I don’t cook on Thanksgiving. My cooking doesn’t happen until Christmas, where I make prime rib.

Still will have corn even with an ice storm right? I am concerned


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So reading the 50 year old card… it said Ham… not spam… but i remember spam… i followed the recipe anyway. first ones fell apart when we went to fry them… decided to use egg wash and another coat of breading… that worked.

My father and I agree that something is off and we think its using spam instead of ham… so Xmas we weill try again with spam. they were still good.

and then this was just ham and salami roll ups with cream chesse and green onions. simple and yummy.