What movie should get a game adaptation?

I came across this article this morning and thought it would be a good topic to discuss…

What movie do you think needs a game adaptation?

Debbie Does Dallas in VR lol

Blade Runner
Book of Eli
The A-Team(tv show)

Caddyshack Golf

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Caddyshack golf is not bad at all.

-Enders Games would be a be a place to start a game. It’s a big universe, lots of info from the books to work with or do your own thing.

-Pirates of the Caribbean. Someone said this in the comments, Im sure they would try it if anyone could make a decent pirate video game. I played more AC Black Flag than any other AC game just for the pirate aspect. I even enjoyed the sea shanties while sailing.


The longest Yard Football

Supertroopers or Beerfest.

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Not a movie but came across this today…

With these asymmetrical multiplayer horror games coming out like Friday the 13th and Dead By Daylight I would love to see something like that done with “The Thing”. Trying to figure out who is “The Thing”. The alien team starts with one player but could try and capture the other team of human players. You would have a human mode and monster mode that the alien could change into, so no one would really no who was the monster.

Jason Bourne

Been there, done that…wasn’t great.