What system is everyone going to play BF1 on?

I’m guessing most are going PC, but for us XB/PSN gamers I thought it might be cool just to get a rough head count and link up with some others. I’ll be playing on XB1 if anyone wants to add me. GT is omniscientshark

Most will be on Xbox not PC. PC community is tiny. Xbox is our largest community.

Oh really? good to know. Honestly I would go PC, but my roomie and I account share, and he already bought it for XB1 so I am essentially getting to play it for free.

We’ll have a very large gathering for BF1 on the XBox. Hopefully we can get that for the PS4 side as well (we’re trying). I’m not sure if our PC Neckbeards are getting it for the master race or will slum it with a console.

I’m getting it for XB1. I’m not doing the early enlister as I’m just not buying into that shit.

Also, GRG will be getting a server when they become available.

I will be on X1. Hoping the launch actually works. Will be playing starting tomorrow night for EA access and then early enlister. That is if the game works.

You can get in with EA Access? Do I need to order it through that or get the early enlister?

Early Enlister I think. EA access gets it tuesday, everyone else friday

I have EA access. I bought the digital version from Amazon.

Do I get it tomorrow? @TheBodyFarmer how does this work. ELI5 please.

I believe the 10 hour trial on EA Access and Origin start today, a day early. With EA access i think you should be able to get the 10hr trial today.

X1 with EA Access. We should have a lot of players for this.

I’m going with the early release version and I’ll be on xbone obv

PS4 early enlister

PS4 regular potato edition.

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think ill play on Xbone

Xbox One with EA Access. 8 hours left!