Where I've been...an update on my life.

I wanted to let you guys know what’s been going on with me, and explain why I’ve been gone from gaming so long. I think Before I went MIA I let everyone know about my father’s health, and my miserable financial situation.

Not much has really changed. Last May I moved into my folks home full time (Since my dad got sick I was pretty much staying there weeknights anyway) to help my mom take care of my pops, and my autistic brother. She’s having a hard enough time trying to keep up her sanity to deal with rain man, and my father. She breaks down at least once a day. We’re slowly watching him waste away, and on Tuesday right after I last texted Jack, and posted my hellos on the site we ended up having to go to the hospital to have fluid drained from around his liver.

This is actually amped emotions up around here because we’re fairly sure the cancer has spread to his liver. That’s means his prognosis goes from slim to none. We’ll know for sure on Tuesday, but from what his doctor says, the color of the fluid did not look promising.

On the work side of things, I’m busy as hell. I’m in my second year of teaching now, and let me tell you, the first couple of years are no joke. I probably spend at least 12 hours of my day dealing with school (grading, lesson plans, endless retarded meetings that serve no purpose, parent conferences, and my mandatory extra-curricular I have to manage…oh, and I have to teach too). It should be easier next year after I have my lesson book in order, but for now…

I do love it though.

As for games, I really don’t game much. My other brother has allowed me to mooch off his steam account and play some games he’s got, but I find I don’t play multiplayer at all anymore. I play Civ V, and the various Total War games he’s got, but generally only for an hour at the most per week.

I could probably scrape the cash to buy an xbone, but it’d be a waste of money because I’d never have the time to play it. Maybe next year.

Anyways, I do miss playing with you guys…yes, even Disney…and wanted you to know I’ll pop in an say hey every once in a while. I’ve watched some of the podcasts, and am generally impressed woth how put together you fucktards are now. We were always a pretty tight group when we were with 2o2p, but I never thought I’d see you monkeys fuck this football to different platforms.

Love all you guys (no homo)!


You stay Fucking Classy Fetal. Let me know if there is anything I can do. (no homo)

Good luck with the family situation and teaching.

Glad you are busy with something you love and work is good. Sorry to hear about your pops. Went through that with my mom. 2yr struggle. Cancer sucks.

You’re always welcome back.

@FetalInjury, it’s always full homo here.

Why put limitations on your friendship?

Nice to play with Fetal lastnight ( No homo). Hopefully things get better !

BTW Grex- Your= You’re (Just saying)

yeah, yeah and you’re a douche.

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