Who won at E3 this year ?

How do you think has won at E3 this year and why ?

It’s not over yet…

But I would say gamers won. Lots of great shit coming out for all platforms.

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It’s an interesting question this year. As far as announcements, MS really had the only one with back words campatability.
Sony showed mores exclusives and surprises with last Guardian, horizon, and ff 7, destiny would have been a big deal if it wasn’t leaked.
Ubisoft always has really good shows and surprises.
Bethesda put on a good show too.

I know who was the worst, and that was EA!

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I liked a lot of what I saw from Sony. My issue with them is everything I wanted didn’t have a release date. Xbox seemed to have more things hitting this year be it features or games.

The Dinosaur game blew me away.