Who's signed up for the BF1 Beta?

Who’s signed up and for what console?

I’m good for the Beta next week and will be on XB1.

PS4 here!!

Signed up and ready to play on xb1

Signed up on xb1.

How do you sign up?

Insiders get 1 day early access but it is open to all on 8/31

I think I signed up for the Xbone…how can I check if I actually did?

On the bone.

Hit up the insider page to see. it should say you already have entered your email.

I haven’t signed up but plan on playing the beta.

Okay, I’m signed up…and I re-installed BF4 to practice some…had over 20 packages waiting for me

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Signed up but only going to try it briefly.

Signed up on XB1.

Looks like Im the only one on PC.

I’m in on the x1

I did, for the xbox.

I thought I had for PS4…

Signed up and ready to play! XB1

I’m signed up for PS4

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Haven’t been on much lately. Didn’t want accept to play one round and have to jump off, but I do appreciate the invite. I’ll definitely be on for the BF1 Beta! :+1:

@MohawkViking Long time, no see! What have you been up too?