Windows 10 will stream from XBox One later this year


According to Microsoft (via Joystiq) Xbox One will be able to stream games to any device running Windows 10 after it releases later this year. Play your XBox One games on your PC, Laptop, or Surface anywhere in your home over the network.

Also, games developed for XBox One and Windows 10 will allow multiplayer cross play over both systems.

Windows 10 will come out later this year, and be a free upgrade for the first year after release for users on Windows 7, 8.1, or 8.1 phone.

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I may have to upgrade.

It would be all really great if that happens and not to be a doubter but I will believe it when I see it.

That is huge and I will definitely be upgrading.

I can see the streaming - at least within the same LAN - working out of the gate as long as they have the XB1 portion ready at launch. I think if anything has issues, it would be the MP cross play between XB1 and PC.

well like the disclaimer said. the game developer has to implement it. this will definitely not happen right away

I figure with MS published games, it will be the norm. Other devs may or may not go that route, depending on how well they work with the development kits.

Yeah hate being a pessimist but I don’t see the cross play working well.

cross play worked well in SHadowrun and that was on 360. kinda funny, game got a buncha shit for being online multiplayer only, I loved it. that was the first game i played with some type of clan… same group of guys everynight at 9pm. good times.

as for the streaming… i dunno… stream how? Vita works cuz its small, portable, and has the buttons for most games… i suppose you could bring a controller and plug it into a laptop…?

My PC is in the same room as my PS4, so i guess im just closed minded on the usefulness of the streaming.
guess i could play my room mates xbone from my room…

I have a two story house with a basement. I can move stuff all over to try to escape everyone with the streaming capabilities. Hell, I’m thinking extended break in the shitter playing Halo.


holy hell that’s cool! That’s a game changer imo

That should be their tag line.

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I hope that the hololens is as cool as it looks and doesn’t cost a fortune.

This is something I dreamed about in my younger years. So cool.

And I will take the under on under one week before it is used for porn


no way its going to work like that within the next… 5 years.

Don’t crush my dreams man!

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The recent news of Xbox One and Windows 10 coming together is still fresh and smoking hot after Microsoft’s own Phil Spencer delivered a great presentation on the upcoming Windows 10. Now, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has stormed into the Xbox engineering department and grilled Richard Irving for more juicy details in this new preview video.

The new preview showcases basic features such as friend-related options, gamer profiles, friend activity feeds, achievements, and plenty more. Check out the video as Xbox aim to satisfy our gaming needs wherever we go:

Plenty of Windows 10 features will be available on the Xbox One console later this year after Microsoft upgrades the consoles Windows interface to the new operating system. Players will also be able to check out Windows 10 through the downloadable Tech Preview later this week.

technically wouldnt any gaming laptop with win 10 work??? or you mean one that you put an xbox in and it works?? judging by the weight of the damn box it it would suck and battery wouldnt last long…


Can’t get that kind of power into a tablet yet without it turning into a hot plate.

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