Witcher 3 - infinite money exploit in market

So i saw this on Colin & Greg live today and finally got to the area where i could try it. I did what the video below said, but i found out a way a little quicker. in the vid he buys seashells until there is no more for sale, well then the merchant ran out, i would just meditate for an hour, then he would have seashells again. I did this 6 times. then went to the armorer, then ran to the loan shark and did the same thing if he ran out of coins, meditated for an hour. its a lot faster than running back and forth. I’m sitting at 150K :smile: couldnt stand being short on money. materials? sure, but money was pissing me off, especially with the whole weapon/armor repair thing.

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hm so… loaded up my game, played for about 90 minutes and went to a smith, bought some stuff without looking at prices and noticed i only had 7K… so i loaded my save back up and i only had $14K. still plenty but its no 150K. maybe i didnt save?? no i saved. cuz it says 1:43am. so i did the exploit again for 10 minutes… even the merchants had 100s of pearls, so the game saved… but my money wasnt there. google searched and only one thread on the official forums was a guy saying his 113K was missing. with only 2 satrical replies… so dunno if its a built in exploit preventer thing or waht.

I saved multiple times before each merchant so next time i play ill check and see what the deal it, but i wonder if they have something built into the game to prevent exploits like this from happening. it would be interesting.

anybody else missing their money?

I haven’t had that but had some save glitch wipe out about 45 minutes of playtime when I moved to the next section.

Haven’t seen anything go amiss yet, but also not far into the game right now. Just using son’s copy until he leaves for FL next Monday. Certainly won’t get far into the game, but already seen enough to know I’ll buy it when TESO and Arkham Knight runs their courses.

I have the PC version thanks to an NVidia promotion. It’s a lot of fun, but buggy as hell. I had the game minimize from full screen, and I couldn’t get it back. Lost an entire scene and progression within the first 15 minutes of gameplay.

Have had a few clipping glitches show up, but after 20 or so hours into the console version nothing game breaking…

My latest save I still have $50k so dunno what happened but games working fine now. Been playing a lot of Gwent.

A patch was released for the pc on Monday, so I’m going to try it again this weekend. Not sure when the latest patches will get to the consoles.

read earlier that the PS4 patches went out yesterday in certain regions