WoW goes F2P

Never thought I’d see the day.

The game is how old? And MMOs have changed greatly since then. Sure this is the grandaddy of MMOs and probably one of the best ever, Subscription plans are thing of the past. And they didn’t get rid of the subscription, they’re just allowing you to buy it with in game gold. How much gold is a months worth of gameplay? Might just be easier to subscribe.


hm… not really free to play… still gotta pay real money for a token that lets you play for 30 days… so might be able to save money, or have somebody give you a token… but its not F2P…

what lala said

I actually don’t have an issue with subscriptions. WoW is huge and offers a lot. I could easily get my 15 bucks worth out of it. The main issue is how long WoW takes to update or offer new content. If I’m paying you 15 bucks a month, make sure there is new shit to do each month.

I really like WoW and don’t mind the subscription. When I pay for a sub though I feel obligated to almost exclusively play that.

I like the humor in WoW. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

So this starts tomorrow. 30k gold for free play per month. I’m seeing people justify it. Saying they can earn that in 6 hours of grinding. 6 hours of grinding,lol. That’s less than minimum wage.

I hope they enjoy the grjnd. I’d just pony up the 15 bucks and enjoy the game.


That’s not even fun. Not sure the appeal for that at all.

It’s been so long since i’ve played WoW, I’m not sure of the economy. Grinding a minimun of 6 hours for 30k isn’t a game I’d like to play.

Now if those events are fun then fine. Or if you maybe get a few free months per year just doing normal shit, fine as well. But 6 hours for 15 bucks is $2.50 an hour. LOL.

Way easier just to pay for a sub.