Wrath of the Machine Raid group

All right suckas, with Iron Banner essentially over, let’s change our focus in Destiny to the raid. I know a handful of us have “just checked it out”, myself included. With our LL’s (hopefully) increased, let’s get a couple of groups together and knock this out.

The thought is we should have at least 2 groups set up for the raid, one being “noobs” and the other being “tryhards”. Don’t get all bent outta shape about the classification, either.

The noob group will be a group intending on completing as much as possible, but also understanding it will probably take several wipes, and/or several tries to get all the way thru the raid. Think about it like this is the “WotM training” group. I myself fall into this category. Although I’ve “checked the raid out” I didn’t get past first boss. That was also about 15 LL’s ago.

The tryhard group can be for either guardians that have ran most of, or completed the raid. Also for those of us with higher LL that might not want to be “dragged down” by lower LL’s.

Again, let’s not get hung up on classifications, we all know there are different skill levels and time available to play. We want everyone in GRG get thru the raid if they want, and we should all be supportive of that.

Let’s plan on doing this tomorrow for the Destiny Reset event.

Now that I’ve ranted enough, let us know below what group you want a part of. We also need one or more people to head up the tryhard group. Like I said before, I’m in the noob category.

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The noob raid may be better on a weekend night, as we will need more time to wipe and whatnot. I’m down to run it tomorrow if people want, but also be looking out for a weekend group to run it with.

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I’m up for the raid this week. I haven’t done it so I’ll be learning as I go (I will watch raid videos prior). If I manage to get through it before the week I’ll gladly run a training raid on the weekend. Try to bring others up to speed.

Hell, I’ll run through a training raid during the week as well.

I’d also like to see people break out from the standard group they run with. Branch out and meet some new GRG. It’s really the only way we make this work.


Agree completely. It’s so easy to get locked into a core group with one or 2 “floaters”. People will gravitate towards those they like naturally. Guilty of that myself. I also feel people’s play schedule dictates this quite a bit as well.

I’ll jump into either group. There’s plenty about the first part of the raid that I still need to do and essentially I’ve made it only halfway. I’ll happily help the noob group out. I’m at 375 currently and definitely would like to do this post weekly reset as the chances of us making it through on a weeknight being slim I’d like to get some loot out of the first 3 chests. I know where the hidden ones are as well as some siva clusters so I can guide the new guys. For the first half anyway… then I’m derping w the rest of the group.

I’ll play with anyone anytime… with ib I’ve got to play with some others here and I’ve had a good time.

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I’ll be around tues to thurs nights this week. So I’ll jump into a raid group. I’ve only played around in the first part so I’m no try hard but I’m up to 367ll so I can’t prob do a bit of damage finally.

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For me Mon to Wednesday I can only play 9pm EST to 11pm, if I did my time zones right. Thursday I can stay on late and should be open on Fri Sat Sun.

I am a noob as I haven’t attempted raid and only watched one video with basic rundowns.

Kind of a tryhard as I am 383-385 light level on all 3 characters.

Having 3 characters I can run with multiple runs if needed but I only care about doing one raid a week.


I can run from 8 to 11 eastern during the week. I really don’t care which group I run with either. I still can’t jump for crap though. That will slow us down a bit. LL 379 so I can kill stuff. My alts are all above 370 so I could run multiples. Assuming I can get through 1.

If your running a titan I would suggest control for jumping. My hunter has no problem with the long jumps but I have seen first hand what happens to titans in this raid. My availability is similar to yours @Sniper_T1 and @AmuseKus

I’m no tryhard… but the main reason I joined this group was for activities such as this. Trying to find a raid party on find a Fireteam is frustrating since if your new they don’t want ya.

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I am pretty sure @SALT, @anon20623957, @Elgr8one will be up for this as we have run at it a couple of times at lower light levels. Fun group to run with. AJ you always have a spot on my fire team!


In for noob squad

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Always happy to jump in and help. My time is limited these days so hit me up when Im on. Sure I have to move when all the new games come out LOL .

Tonight I should be good house will be listed today I have done all the work from my end people may have to look around me tonight LOL. One guy asked if my gaming set up comes with the house ? LOL I said absolutely not! Priorities.


I would be up for a raid tonight. Hit me up if you need someone!!

I would like to get into a raid Friday or Saturday night.

I will be on tonight and this week-end. Dragging ass though so I can only go until 10:30/11 eastern.

Put me down as a maybe. I’ll see how I feel. Been going no stop today with my bs honey do list.