X1 CoD Beta, Who's going to play?

How many do we have running this week? I will be in.

yup. will be on when I can.

I’ll be on as much as possible. Clan night will be iffy due to HS event for kids that night.

I’ll be on

I will be on most likely every night, as long as it doesnt make me pull a @Gunny that is!


If get access will be on.

Will definitely make clan night. Should be fun.

Hell Yea !!! I will be on .

I will be there getting angry about it.

I’ll play if someone gives me a key.

I’ll key your ass if we get extra

I’ll be on for sure!!!

I’ll be on if I get a key. Deciding if I should try the Amazon preorder for X1 as well.

Do you get to play if you have EA access?

I’ll be in the beta listening to drunken gunny rage that he can’t move!

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Because I h8 you all. I will be on. Preorder is done

I’ll take a key if anyone has one. I might be passing on this one.

if somebody gives me a code, maybe ill play on my room mates xbox with you guys.

Hope to be, but I don’t think my beta code is working…