(XB1) Weekly Destiny Reset

The captains on our side were warping behind crates or just running to center. I figure as long as they aren’t hurting me… I’ll allow it.

probably stating the obivous but make sure that your are shooting the door button to close the shield. I have been on runs where the door would not shut or we took too long to shoot the door button to get it to close on time.

Usually it only takes a shotgun blast or two.

I picked one up almost every time. Need to make it a point to do that before running for cover

Yes we are. People would live but some would die. The one run that was going really well had 5 of us in the room and only 1 lived. 4 just died. We had a lot of odd shit happen. We probably should or went to orbit and reloaded the raid.

We did have some strange issues with lag in the game and I am wondering if there were lag issues that caused game to think most of us were outside the room. Just a thought, not that it matters.

What are the LLs for the group you just ran? I am around 355 and still feel squishy on some of the Nightfall stuff

I am at 382 and Amuse is at 385 I think. The Captain glitching and the safe room glitch was a game stopper. Other than that we were DPSing the boss and taking care of the monitor’s. When the boss is at 10% health and 4 of us die in the safe room, well…

Did you guys complete it this time? Dam getting behind in LL. So sorry to be missing all the fun. Life

Not yet @SALT we had some funky lag stuff going on.


I’M BACK!!! For those who don’t know or didn’t notice I was MIA, I just finished moving and am completely settled and ready to shoot some fucking faces!!!

What’s been going on in Destiny? I need to grind some LL, not even sure what I’m at anymore. What do y’all wanna run tonight??

Put the BF1 pipe down for one night and let’s team up and fuck some shit up in Destiny!

Congrats on the move. Glad to have you back

Welcome back to the grind. I’ll be around to group up for some carnage.

I’m down for some festival of the lost tonight


I’m down for melting faces in crucible


MMMM Crucible. Sounds like fun. May go to the local Bar and Grill to watch part of the World Series with @Elgr8one and his son. Well, how often are the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs going to be in it? Won’t stay long so should be back online by 9:00 eastern.

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I’m down for whatever

@TexasReaperCrew @DestinyPlayers what’s up for tonight? Raid? Crucible?

I’ll be in the raid. @Lala_Calamari and @Grex are already in

Let’s reply on this thread instead

I am in. Should be on between 8 and 9. Put me in for the Raid if you don’t mind.

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