XBONE Destiny guy

Hey guys!

Im a 25 year old grad student looking for more people to game with. Playing Destiny(XBONE), ESO (XBONE) , Diablo 3 (PC). Just trying to make gaming a bit more social and do some end game group content.

Feel free to add me at KingReign89

I’ll add you to the FL.

GT = azshortbus35

Hey man, welcome to the party. We have people playing both titles on XB1, more Destiny than ESO tho. Look forward to having with you!

TexasReaperCrew on XB1.

Welcome. on Destiny regularly right now. GT:Grex

I added you to FL. GT Sniper T1

i am new myself. i will add you.
go ahead and add me Wansy

Welcome to the community!!

Welcome welcome! Ill add you. GT: DuvalFunk

Welcome! I’ll add you on the XB1. Whats your Battle.net ID for the Diablos and HOTS?

Welcome! So many new people I think I’m at half mast right now lolz

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Welcome to the Community! I’ve added you to my Friends list.

XB1 GT - Lala Calamari

Welcome! I’ve added you.