Xbox One Elite Controller Layout?

I received one for my birthday in April (paid half) and have been playing with some different layouts/sensitivitiy/Triggers and nearly have the feel of what I want and need. It’s taken a while to get used to playing with it and recently changed some of the set-up.

I’m curious what you have yours set to and what game(s) you play it with. I currently use it for R6 Siege (pretty much all I play right now)

My current set-up:
Both triggers locked
Left trigger 0/75
Right trigger 0/1
Left Thumbstick Sensitivity DEFAULT
Right Thumbstick Longer Joystick set to INSTANT (still not sure about this)
Back paddles set to default button layout

I was really wanting to set two of the back paddles to the left and right thumbstick buttons to lean left and right, but this option isn’t available unfortunately. I haven’t been playing very aggressive with it because I’m unsure about the right stick sensitivity. Sometimes it seems to work well, other’s, it’s just too jumpy. The Smooth setting has too much delay and I have yet to try Aggressive.

I’m also curious to try it on Overwatch.

I agree. The controller has substance and is easy to use. I got used to the paddles for the most part. They help me out a lot, especially in a firefight when I get low on my clip. Having the Y button right there has saved my ass switching to my secondary.

I kept the thumbstick sensitivity at default until a couple of weeks ago. I really wasn’t improving my game. I switch the right and my snap headshots and drop shot accuracy has improved, but it feels a little too jumpy at times. Still looking to improve on that.

That’s a great idea. I don’t know why that hasn’t crossed my mind. I’ll remember that the next time I boot up Vegas.

I set up custom configuration’s for Halo, Division, COD and Rocket League. I like the front left paddle as sprint and the front right melee. The back right is set to jump and the back left is set to crouch I think.

Do you know if there’s a way to make the back paddles into the thumbstick clicks? I keep reading and watching “fully customizable”, but it doesn’t give me the option in the accessories app. This is the one option I would really like to have with this controller that I can’t seem to figure out.

LOL i thought this was referring to Elite Dangerous…was bout to give recommendations lol.

I made my left thumb stick click on the front left paddle. When you pull up the customize window select the first box. Then scroll down that list to the bottom to select the paddles. Then on the second box you can select the stick you want it work on. If you select the second button the paddles don’t show up even though that is how it should be. That is from memory so I might have it backwards.

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I’ll give this a shot when I get home. I didn’t think to do it this way.

This worked! I used it while playing Siege last night and dominated. Thanks for the tip.

You are welcome. Who says I am not a techno wizo. Uh, everyone.