Xbox Series X has around 800GB of usable storage space

Hands-on impressions of the Xbox Series X are now live across the internet. There have been some interesting takes, and new things learnt about Microsoft’s next-gen console, including how much space is actually usable on the Xbox Series X 1TB SSD drive.

As IGN reports, “You’ll need to use your 1TB wisely. To be clear, it’s 802 GB of usable space, after OS and system files.” This, of course, is normal when it comes to hard drive and storage space. You won’t always get the full capacity of the drive to use due to things like the OS taking up a good chunk of space. With game file sizes swelling, it’s likely that many will need some sort of storage solution for their Series X consoles. This is where the pricey Seagate 1TB expansion card comes into play if you’re looking to store and play Series X games. As also noted by IGN, this expansion card adds 920GB of capacity.

It’s worth remembering that Xbox One and older generation Xbox titles can still be played from a normal USB 3.1 external hard drive. Xbox Series X games can still be stored on hard drives but will need to be transferred over to the console’s internal SSD, which IGN describes as “pretty quick.”

With only 802GB of hard drive space available on the Series X, this does raise alarm bells for Microsoft’s all-digital machine, the Xbox Series S. How much space will actually be usable on the consoles smaller 512GB SSD? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.